Magpie's Office Kids Wooden Musical Instrument Set

  • 🍎MAGPIE'S OFFICE KIDS WOODEN MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SET; Our highest-quality, non-toxic kids wooden instrument set includes an in-tune glockenspiel (xylophone with metal bars) and mallets with accompanied color coded sheet music, unique frog guiro tone block with striker, sheepskin headed tambourine, colorful maracas, triangle, and dance scarves; also included is a wooden storage crate to keep it all neat and tidy
  • 🍎Our glockenspiel is IN TUNE and each note is clearly etched in the metal bars and has a specific color; it is accompanied by 2 mallets and COLOR CODED SHEET MUSIC; one sheet is included in the box and more are available to download FOR FREE (and more added regularly); this is a fun way to introduce young children how to read and play music
  • 🍎ALSO INCLUDED is a 6-inch diameter sheepskin headed tambourine, 2 8-inch maracas, a metal triangle with striker, 4 bright and colorful dance scarves for active play and stimulating the imagination, and a frog guiro tone block with striker; a unique and fun little percussion instrument that kids love; when the toy's back is rubbed with the striker, the "ribbit" sound is almost identical to the real thing
  • 🍎With our CONTINUOUSLY GROWING LIBRARY OF FREE COLOR CODED SHEET MUSIC, our wooden musical instrument set will provide years of fun and learning
  • 🍎Our manufacturer's PRODUCT SAFETY TESTING AND EVALUATION is performed and approved by INTERTEK; a world leader in total quality assurance